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"Innovative solutions for big challenges"

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"Projects that reflect progress from Latin America"

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We perform our work with order and perseverance to achieve result

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Always looking out for the best technological solutions


We are a Mexican company incorporated in 2011 with the aim of providing solutions to promote better management of water resources and hydrocarbons.


COET has a high technological profile to meet the needs of our customers, as well as a large staff of highly qualified and trained in various branches of engineering, ensuring the right solution to their needs. requirements.


Throughout these years, COET has positioned itself as one of the 50 most important consulting companies in Mexico, for providing innovative solutions to contribute in a favorable way to guarantee the supply of water resources.


To provide the security and guarantee it requires, we have important national and international commercial alliances.


Strengthen water resources and hydrocarbons in Latin America, through the implementation of Technology to make systems more efficient.


To be a Company capable of offering innovative solutions to great challenges of hydraulic and hydrocarbon systems. Driving development in Latin America.


Our greatest value, our employees. At COET we are convinced that the most important asset of the company are its employees and that is why we strive to inculcate and share our corporate values.

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COET was positioned last year as the tenth most important consulting company in Mexico within the hydraulic sector

In recent years, COET has been named one of the 50 Most Important Infrastructure Firms in Mexico through the IDM Infrastructure and Development Magazine in Mexico. The 50 most important Infrastructure firms in Mexico is the only specialized journalistic study in Mexico that analyzes more than 30 thousand infrastructure projects nationwide each year, making it a consulting tool for all companies, dependencies, organizations and people related to the construction industry, as well as those that require and demand high quality infrastructure services, both in the public and private sectors


COET has carried out some of the most significant works at the national level within the hydraulic sector, this has been possible thanks to the highly qualified and experienced staff that make up our ranks, making us one of the large companies in Mexico.


The continuity of projects with our clients is a product of the capacity we have, as well as the application of our mission, vision and values, which are fundamental pillars in our day-to-day life. company.

Internal Values:

  • Honesty: Committed to good morals and moral principles
  • Responsibility: Always fulfilling our obligations
  • Teamwork: We do our activities together under a common goal
  • Passion: Passionate to get our job done
  • Security: We minimize the risks and guarantee the protection of our people

External Values:

  • Innovation: Always searching for the best technological solution
  • Discipline: We carry out our work with order and consistency to achieve the result
  • Teamwork: We do our activities together under a common goal
  • Customer orientation: We focus all our efforts on generating the complete satisfaction of our clients
  • Punctuality: We finish all our projects in the established time