Due to the great demographic growth, the cities are forced to carry out construction, expansion or remodeling of their hydraulic systems. These works can include new infrastructure for the implementation of some type of instrumentation, such as the need to install a water meter. flow on a line of conduction, in this case it would be necessary to carry out a survey of the line, excavation, construction of register, the removal of a tube or section of pipe and the installation of a meter, until is needed to build control systems avenues which are extremely important during atypical rains, these structures are equipped with gates and if required they are automated to be remotely controlled.

With great experience in the main hydraulic systems of the country, COET is your main ally to carry out large-scale civil and mechanical projects. COET has developed several construction projects throughout the Mexican Republic.

Within our construction services we offer the following:

  • flow control structures

  • Bases and berths for aqueducts

  • Storage tanks

  • Foundations for towers or communication poles

  • Registration boxes for instrumentation installation

  • Pipelines and control booths

  • Buildings

  • Staked plate for deep excavation protection

We have highly qualified personnel with experience in the field, through studies, computer modeling and analysis of the project conditions , we guarantee the viability, as well as the correct specification of the materials.