Optical fiber

It detects leaks, deformations and intrusions through a permanent monitoring system that informs in real time the state of the system, all this through the installation of optical fiber.

This type of monitoring is suitable to detect leaks, deformations and intrusions in long systems, this is achieved with specialized controllers which can transform a standard communications cable into an element sensitive to changes in temperature, deformation and acoustic events. A controller has the ability to analyze tens of kilometers per channel, making it possible to launch one channel downstream and another channel upstream, which when installing the equipment in an intermediate location can reach its maximum distance.

Temperature monitoring is the most common method for detecting water or gas leaks, this equipment can detect temperature changes with an accuracy of 0.01 C, where, when the fluid touches fiber, it will generate a point change in temperature that It is easily recognizable and will alert immediately indicating the location with a precision of 1 meter and allowing permanent monitoring.