Generally the hydraulic systems of catchment and conduction are old and count on little maintenance, this generates that they are little efficient and in occasions they arrive to fail or even a total change is required. On the other hand, the accelerated population growth demands more resources and with it new infrastructure..

To install or replace a pipe or section of pipe, it is necessary to perform certain jobs and inspections that will help us ensure the correct execution of the work, as an example for a concrete pipe is recommended to follow the following recommendations:

  • Check the physical state of the tube before installing, checking that it is not broken or cracked, performing the discharge of the tubes through mechanical equipment -Review the correct placement of the rubber gasket, which guarantees a good assembly and 100 % airtightness -construction of a good template and ribbing of the pipe according to the project specifications, to ensure the perfect structural performance, this must be perfectly leveled and compacted.

  • Verify that the tube to be installed, this marked according to its corresponding standard, to be able to carry a perfect traceability if necessary

  • Performance of hydrostatic test according to standard

Within the experience of COET, is the installation or replacement of prestressed concrete pipe, asbestos cement, high density polyethylene and steel. These works are usually carried out through planned actions, where based on studies carried out it is found that there is a need to install a new pipe or pipe, since the existing one is very damaged or even that the conditions of the installation area demand a more elastic material like HDPE

COET has the tool, machinery, equipment and trained technical personnel to perform a job with high quality and safety standards. Our experience reaches diameters of up to 130 "in high impact water distribution systems, guaranteeing our high experience and quality standards.